"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" Leonardo Da Vinci                                        
Borden Lighting's architecturally based designs are tasteful, clean and elegant in their simplicity. Our product design is based on classic design fundamentals, not passing trends, resulting in lighting fixtures that complement a variety of architectural styles instead of competing with them. It's an approach to design that isn't for everyone, but it's who we are.

"Design for sustainability means fostering innovation" John Thackara

At Borden Lighting, sustainability is more than a marketing hook or buzzword; it's a fundamental reason we're in business.

While some manufacturer's sustainability claims are based on energy efficiency, recyclability, or some other criterion, Borden Lighting products are designed from the ground-up based on five key environmental criteria:

         • Energy Efficiency
         • High Recycled Materials Content
         • Low Imbedded Energy Content
         • Product Recyclability
         • Manufacturing Processes with the least Impact to Air & Water

We're committed to making all Borden Lighting Products meet these criteria. And while each product will accomplish these goals to different degrees, we'll be constantly looking for ways to incorporate more environmentally effective materials, components and processes as the "Green Revolution" accelerates and more environmentally sound options become available. We are also committed to environmental stewardship as a manufacturer and have become a Certified Bay Area Green Business.


"There can be no value without quality"            

Value and quality are inextricably connected, meaning that Borden Lighting's high-value products incorporate quality - at every level - from the outset.

Take our design for example, where our philosophy of refined simplicity means fewer parts. Fewer part means less labor, and less labor means lower costs. And, while lower costs could also be achieved by building our products overseas, having California craftspeople manufacture the majority of our components in our own U.S factory translates into superior manufacturing quality and cost control. The result? Superior products at reasonable prices that will provide years of attractive, efficient and trouble-free service.